Bengal Vaishnavism

The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries witnessed a massive proliferation of Vaishnava literature in Bengal. At this time educated Bengalis began to flock in droves to take up the study, practice, and promulgation of passionate Krishna bhakti associated with Caitanya and the Vaishnava tradition that he inspired. With Bengal as the seat of the earliest indigenous printing and publishing industry in the subcontinent, it was only natural that much of this Bengali Vaishnava efflorescence played put in the arena of print. One of the most vibrant forms through which the project of Bengali Vaishnava retrieval was carried out in the colonial period was periodical literature. Vaishnavas in colonial Bengal collectively produced an extensive body of periodical literature.

Bengal Vaishnava Collection

The Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC), Kolkata, houses the Sundarananda Vidyavinoda Archive, one of the richest collections of colonial Bengali Vaishnava printed literature in the world. Among this material is a rich collection of Bengali Vaiṣṇava periodical literature. Through a Memorandum of Understanding between Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and the BRC, this collection is now being available through this website.

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